Dynamic Simulations of Flexible Hydraulic-Driven Multibody Systems using Finite Strain Beam Theory

Jari Mäkinen, Asko Ellman and Robert Piché
Tampere University of Technology

Proceedings of Fifth Scandinavian International Conference on Fluid Power, Linköping, Sweden, May 28-30, 1997, volume 2, pp. 119-134.


Hydraulically driven mechanisms give rise to a combined flexible multibody system and fluid circuit system. In this work the flexible multibody system is modeled using the unconstrained extremum principle of Simo and Vu-Quoc. This is based on large displacement and rotation theory and yields a non-linear ODE of second order with constant mass matrix. The combined system is solved by a single L-stable implicit Runge-Kutta ODE integrator.

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