Tools For Control and Hydraulic Circuit Design of an Hydraulic-Driven Manipulator Mechanism

Ellman, A. U., Sanerma, S. S., Salminen, M. O., Piché, R. A.*, Virvalo, T. K.
Institute of Hydraulics and Automation
Department of Mathematics*
Tampere University of Technology

Proceedings of the 9th European Simulation Multiconference, June 5-7, 1995, Prague, Czech Republic, pp. 107-111.


A simulator for a hydraulic-driven manipulator is presented. The simulation program SIMU having model libraries for fluid power components and control units is used as the basic simulation enviroment. Model equations for the mechanism are derived using symbolic manipulation software. Specific features of fluid power simulation and of the SIMU program are clarified. Use of the simulator for design of the total system is discussed.

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