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Ordinary calculators

Scientific calculator
Calculator with some scientific functions. Includes a calculator for logical and hexadecimal computations.

Scientific calculator with many built-in functions.
There is also a simple version of this calculator, with the same built-in functions.

MG SuperCalc
Computes on arbitrarily big numbers. Operates in Hexadecimal, Decimal, Octal or Binary mode. Very few functions implemented, and long loading time.
(Copyright by MG-SOFT Corporation. All rights reserved.)

Exponential Expression Calculator
Computes exponential expressions ( xy ) up to 10308.
(All Rights Reserved Daniel C.Person. JavaScript)

Three calculators: one for modular calculations, one for polynomial and one permutation calculator.
(Copyright Eindhoven University of Technology)

Base converter
Converts numbers in different bases; binary, ternary (base 3), quintal (base 5), octal, decimal and hexadecimal.
(Copyright Alexander Bogomolny)

Cocalc RPN Calculators
Scientific calculator with all standard features and including Hex and Binary notation plus some extra functions. Uses Reverse Polish Notation, and includes a tutorial for this.
(Copyright by CoHort Software.)

64-bit calculator in hexadecimal, decimal or binary base. Provides support for logical binary expressions (and, or, negation and left and right shift.)
(Source code avaliable.)

Precise Calculator
Graphic, programable calculator.
(Source code avaliable.)

Calculator online
Simple text-based calculator.

Physics computer
Calculator using Reversed Polish Notation. Including many pysical constants and conversion factors.

Calculator including basic features.

Qwibnar's Web Calculator
Complex numbers calculator.

The HTML Calculator
Calculator using reversed polish notation with most basic operators.
(Copyright Alexander Rau. JavaScript)

Virtual Calculator
Basically the same as above, and includes some explanation of RPN.
(Copyright P. Lutus. JavaScript)

Symbolic calculator
Solves a symbolic equation with respect to any variable.


Special calculations

Computing a sum
Computes the sum of a given expression given upper and lower limits.
(Mathserv. CGI)

Basic Summation Formula
Computes the n'th sum in one of the 18 predefined series.
(Copyright jun Ni. JavaScript)


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