The Web University (WU) is based on the concept of a virtual university. The students and staff at the participating sites can communicate via the Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) and Internet network by using applications like email, World Wide Web (temporary home page, http://wwwcs.cern.ch/wwwcs/public/ip/en_wu/index.html) and multicast videoconferencing.

The Web University has started as a co-operative pilot project between CERN, CSC/FUNET and the Finnish universities. The International ATM connection has been provided by the JAMES project of the European PTOs and Finnish connections by FUNET. The Pilot project concentrates on transferring the latest results of high energy physics directly to universities. Physic researchers can update their knowledge by participating in the CERN seminars and experiments from their own workstations via a real time network based on ATM and Internet technology. Teaching is interactive and it is in principle targeting postgraduate students, but some courses in physics and information technology have been offered to undergraduate students.

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