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What and where

Where we are, what is hypermedia


What is Hypermedialaboratory?

Hypermedialaboratory is located at Tampere University of Technology, Department of Information Technology. Hypermedia laboratory develop hypermedia software for mathematics education. Other research issues are hypermedia on fast networks (ATM) and distance education using video and audioconferencing software. We have experimental CU-SeeMe reflector running on harppu.ee.tut.fi.

Mathematical hypermedia enables creation of a mathematical virtual reality on a computer where mathematics can be studied with aid of hypertext, graphics, animation, digitised videos etc. Numeric and symbolic computation programs play also a significant role in creating mathematical hypermedia. In this environment student's role can be active, he or she can study in his/her own way, make mathematical experiments and learn by doing.

The main contribution of this research is in developing a hypermedia environment for mathematics education, integrating Matlab or other mathematical software to be an essential part in it, discussing about how to study with hypermedia, and finally implementation issues of the hypermedia software.

The first card in Matrix Algebra course looks like this.

The Main Goals of the Hypermedia Research

The main achievement is not only a single hypermedia course on mathematics, but also a set of software tools for translating other lecture notes in mathematical sciences into hypermedia. These tools will be used in the future to create a mathematics training and refresher hypermedia course for students starting their mathematics studies at university level.

What has been done


In mathematical hypermedia a word, concept, definition or other object can be activated and the user can ask for complementary information or control the program for some other purpose. If the provided explanation is not sufficient it may be completed. Mathematical text consists typically of definitions, axioms and theorems which may be deduced from the axioms. A lot of definitions should be well understood to be able to understand the proofs. Hypertext provides a good database for modelling the structure of mathematics and mathematical courses. The basic form of mathematical hypertext is an electronic book with dictionary of definitions, which may be called and studied always when needed. The main advantage of hypertext from the user's point of view is that it is able to adapt to his needs. Since everybody need not read all the material, hypertext supports reading and studying in different ways and on different levels depending on the user. For the author this means that he has to write the text to support reading on different levels. This is always not so difficult, since hypertext is may organise the writing process, too.

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