Hypermedia laboratory of TTKK


1. Mathematical hypermedia (1994-)

Project leader: Seppo Pohjolainen

Tampere University of Technology, Department of Mathematics,
Helsinki University of Technology, Department of Mathematics,
University of Jyväskylä, Department of Mathematics,
Jyväskylä Institute of Technology,
Espoo- Vantaa Institute of Technology.

Mathematical hypermedia is a relatively large national project with research groups in different universities) The project is supported by Academy of Finland (grant 495 000 FM 1994, 350 000 1995 ) and Finnish Ministry of Education (grant 330 000 FM 1994, 100 000 1995).

The purpose of the project is to create hypermedia learning environments for studying mathematics at the university level. The hypermedia environments include hypertext, mathematical programs (Matlab, Mathematica, Maple etc.) examples, exercises, digitised videos and animations. At this moment a pilot version of a hypermedia course on Matrix Algebra is available at Tampere University of Technology in Macintosh environment and a relatively complete course can also be found on the WWW, suitable also for IBM PCs and Unix workstations. Hypermedia courses are available also on CD-ROMs and through fast campus networks.

The next course, intended for students starting their mathematics studies on university level, is under preparation. The purpose of the course is to fill in the gap between school and university levels.

Mathematical hypermedia is the Finnish output in the TEMPUS-project "New Approaches to the Teaching of Engineering Mathematics" 1991-1994, co-ordinated by Prof. Moscardini in University of Sunderland. Other partners are Technical University of Berlin (Prof. Stowasser), University of Limerick (Dr. Critchley), Technical University of Sofia (Prof. Mikhailov) and Middle East Technical University (Prof. Ersoy).

An agreement of co-operation has been signed with Research Institute of Applications of Symbolic Algebra (RIACA) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands to promote co-operation in the field of symbolic algebra, computer aided learning and interactive books.

An EU Telematics proposal (MONDIAL) was prepared with Imperial College, London, University of Delft, and Tampere University of Technology, and several other European universities to develop and to use mathematical hypermedia and symbolic algebra for distance interactive learning through computer networks. The proposal was not accepted, but the partners are looking for other more suitable EU-programs

Hypermediaperustainen oppimisympäristö, 1996-1998

Hypermedia based learning environment is supported by Academy of Finland 1996-1998.

2. Structured Documents (1995-1996)

Researcher: Markku Luhtalahti

This is a joint project with industry. The purpose is to find ways to organize a part of documentation in computer form. The standard SGML forms a basis for the work.

3. Distance Learning with Hypermedia (1995-)

Researchers: Multisilta, Antchev, Suomela.

This is a joint project with the Open University at TUT. The purpose is to provide university level education using networks and hypermedia. The hypermedia learning environment will contain hypertext, graphics, video clips, exercises, computer generated and verified exercises. Depending on the communication facilities e-mail, newsgroups and videoconferencing software will be used. The first course will start fall 1995.

4. Acoustic Simulation (1995-)

Researcher: Petri Uusitalo

Research assistant: Veijo Ikonen, Antti Suutala

The purpose of the project is to find ways to simulate and control acoustic fields in small cavities. This is a joint project with industry.

5. Control theory

Researcher: Timo Hämäläinen
Research Assistant: Antti Suutala

The purpose of the project is to develop and apply control theory to control distributed parameter systems, including acoustic phenomena.

In control theory we participate the Human Capital and Mobility -network with the universities in Bath (Prof. Logemann), Exeter (Dr. Townley), Groningen (Prof. Curtain), Twente (Prof. Zwart), Namur (Dr. Winkin), Lyngby (Prof. Pedersen), Perpignan ( Prof. El Jai), and Torino (Prof. Pandolfi). The title of the project is "Distributed Parameter Systems, Analysis, Synthesis, Applications. The co-operation and research has been supported by Academy of Finland by a research grant of 178 000 FM for 1993-1996.

In the field of control theory, an agreement of co-operation has been signed with Prof. Anatoliy Butkovskiy in Institute of Control Sciences, Moscow. As a result some joint papers on structural theory of distributed parameter systems and theory of nonlinear systems have been published.


SOCRATES ODL: Open and Distance Learning Open to Europe. 1996-1998

SOCRATES-ERASMUS THEMATIC NETWORK: Advanced Computing in the Humanities, 1996-1999


TEMPUS: A new Curriculum in the Application of Mathematics, 1996-1999.

PRE-TEMPUS: Developing Engineering Curriculum in Kyrgyzstan, 1996-1996.

8. National multimedia programmme

Project: Distance Learning in Multimedia Networks, Kamu


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