Hypermedia laboratory of TTKK

Selected Published Papers

List of our published papers


* Seppo Pohjolainen,Robust Multivariable PI-Controller for Infinite-Dimensional Systems, IEEE Tr. Aut. Control, Vol. 27, No 1, 1982.

* Seppo Pohjolainen, Robust Controller for Systems with Exponentially Stable Strongly Continuous Semigroups, J. Math., Anal. & Appl., Vol. 111, November 1985

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* Seppo Pohjolainen, On the optimal tuning of a robust controller for parabolic distributed parameter systems, Automatica, Vol 23, pp. 719-728,1987.

* Multisilta J., Hypermedia luonnontieteiden ja matematiikan opetuksessa. Julkaisussa Erämetsä H., Kanerva J. Tarttuvaan tietoon Hyper- ja multimedia - koulutuksen ja oppimisen mahdollinen maailma, Yliopisto-lehti/Yliopistopaino 1993 (in Finnish).

* Multisilta J., Pohjolainen S.: Hypermedia and Animation in CACSD Education. Int. Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology. Vol 26, No 4. (599-618), 1995.
* Multisilta J., Pohjolainen S., Implementation of Authoring Tools for Hypermedia Based Learning Environments in Mathematics. Proc. of Calisce 1994, Paris, France (31.8-2.9.1994), Ecole Nationale Superieure des Telecommunications.

* Pohjolainen S., Multisilta J., Antchev K., Hypermedia matematiikan opiskelussa Esitelmä matemaatikkopäivillä Vaasassa 9.1.1995.

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* Luhtalahti M., Pohjolainen S., WWW matematiikan opetuksen apuna Esitelmä matemaatikkopäivillä Vaasassa 10.1.1995.

* Antchev K., Multisilta J., Pohjolainen S., Mathematica as part of a hypermedia learning environment, International Mathematica Symposium (IMS) '95, July 16-20, Southampton,UK

*Pohjolainen S., Hämäläinen T., Suutala A., Application of Robust Control Theory in Acoustics, ENUMATH-95, Paris 16-23.9.1995.

* Multisilta J., Pohjolainen S. Hypermedia for Mathematics: Authoring Courses with HMLE. Proceedings of World Conference on Computers In Education. WCCE '95 conference, Birmingham 23.-28.8.1995, Chapman & Hall, July, 1995.

* Antchev K., Luhtalahti M., Multisilta J., Pohjolainen S., Suomela K. A WWW Learning Environment for Mathematics WWW4 Conference, December 11-14,1995 Boston, Massachusetts,USA

* Antchev K., Luhtalahti M., Multisilta J., Pohjolainen S., Suomela K., A WWW Based Learning Environment for Mathematics. In Pantzar E., Pohjolainen S., Ruokamo-Saari H., Viteli J. (eds.) Theoretical Foundations and Applications of Modern Learning Environments. Tampereen yliopisto, Tietokonekeskus/hypermedialaboratorio, University of Tampere, Computer Centre/Hypermedia laboratory, Tampere, Finland, 1995.

* Pohjolainen S., Multisilta J., Antchev K., Hypermedia Learning Environment for Mathematical Sciences. In Kajler N. (ed.), Human Interaction in Symbolic Computation, Texts and Monographs in Symbolic Computation, Springer-Verlag (to appear 1996).

Presentations and Lectures

Lecture material and handouts

* Multisilta J., Introduction to Hypermedia

* Multisilta J., Johdatus WWW:iin

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