Matrix Algebra demo


This directory contains two versions of Matrix Algebra software. On the file malg_english.sit there is a english demo of Matrix Algebra course (1.3Mb). The file malg_finnish.sit contains finnish version of the full course. In addition there are several QuickTime animations showing our logo, demonstrating matrix norm and finding eigenvalues with power method. The animations contain sound in finnish. Later there will be an empty template which can be used to create other courses with this software.

For viewing the basic hypertext you dont need any other applications. However if you would like to use numerical or symbolic software with this course you need Matlab or Mathematica.

This course runs basically any Macintosh that can run HyperCard. Howewer if you want to display QuickTime movies you will need a color Macintosh that has a 68020 or greater CPU.

The english demo course contains only one chapter, chapter 9 "Singular value decomposition". This makes it possible to demonstrate some of the important things in the course. You can try to draw concept maps from different concepts defined in the demo (for example singular value decomposition, svd). There are also interactive exercises and a Matlab script to demonstrate svd etc. Some of the features in the demo may be slow on some machines so be patient.

Documentation and help is under construction but something can be found from file docs.sit.

I would like to hear any comments, suggestions, bugs etc. if you think it is worth it. My contact information is

Jari Multisilta, Researcher

Tampere University of Technology

Dept. of Mathematics, Hypermedialaboratory



AppleLink: SF0099

Phone: 358-31-3162710

Fax: 358-31-3161549

I prefer email.


The installation of the software is simple. Copy the archives and expand them. You can install the software anywhere on your hard disk.

There are three important items inside Matrix Algebra folder. Matrix Algebra application, Exercise Maker application and a folder named Support files. Don't remove or rename that folder or any other folders inside the Support files folder. The HMLE software relies on that it can find certain files on certain places inside this folder.

Sometimes when Matrix Algebra is running it may ask you search some files or applications. If they are related to this material they probably are inside Support files folder, if on the other hand it is application you should search it from the specific folder on your hard disk.


Double click 73109 Server icon and start exploring! Feel free to ask any questions by email.